• Make better use of your marketing budget with Hot Mustard. A strategic and fully integrated campaign delivers results that are measurable and tangible. We call this "intelligent communication". At Hot Mustard our creative and interactive teams work together under one roof. This means our campaigns are delivered with communication that works together across all channels – giving you more bang for your buck.

    Your success equals the sum of all the parts Recent developments in digital, mobile apps and text, have changed the face of advertising forever. We've moved on from the traditional campaigns that focused on TV and press. Of course, these mediums still have a place but now form part of a highly targeted, strategic, integrated approach which embraces the huge potential of online. Bringing this together requires results-focused strategic thinking, maximizing impact with the right delivery, through the right channel, at the right moment.

    We call it Intelligent Communication Integrating digital allows us to communicate with our audience in many more intelligent and varied ways. We can pinpoint our best prospects with far more accuracy. We can start genuine conversations with those that want to engage with us, in the media of their choice, and we can measure the results of that interaction.

  • Collective intelligence that drives results The purpose of any marketing campaign is to influence its audience and motivate them to take action. To get this result we utilize an array of tactics which are designed, like the complex pattern of a spider’s web to overlap and link, with the sole purpose of channeling and funneling our prospects into the direction we want them to head.

    It works on many levels. To reinforce messages to the regular users of multiple information channels, or to catch a stray prospect who only watches the 6:00pm news on Thursdays.

    When we consider solutions for your business, we call on an arsenal of research and media tools at our disposal, exploring all the channels and options best suited to achieve your objectives. Only then can we produce a campaign that generates results beyond your expectations.

    Tactically, that may include eDM, online marketing, mobile apps, txt, TV, radio, press, ambient or any combination of those.

    It may be that our research (and your knowledge) determines one channel will be more effective than others; if that’s the case, we’ll build a campaign around that channel.

  • Our results speak for themselves. Online gives us one significant advantage over traditional media. Not only is online highly selective, it’s also highly measurable. Using specific tools we can track and assess trends and results, not just after the campaign has finished, but while it is still running. This allows us to fine-tune or alter messages in order to achieve maximum cut-through.

    Know thy market - The key is selective targeting of your market. We take a “bullseye” approach to targeting as opposed to the “shotgun approach” which requires big spends to hit the mark. To maximize budgets we find out where people are and use selective targeting to get their attention.

  • I know you’re out there... but can you hear me? Never before have the masses been exposed to so much media from so many different channels. Now, more than ever, it is vitally important to get your message seen and heard above the rest.

    We take a strategic approach to targeting – identifying prospects most likely to convert to customers with “sniper” precision, delivering you value for money, a lower cost per sale, and a healthy return on your investment (ROI).

    Whether we are helping you deliver a broad-based, fully integrated campaign, or a single, highly-targeted eDM – our focus is the same – exceptional results for you from fresh, arresting creative work that speaks to your customers as individuals.

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