Who we are

These days many agencies seek a phrase or term that sums up their approach and makes them different – ‘the anti-agency, agency’.

We prefer to make it simple and keep it honest – let the work speak for itself. Have a look - we’re proud of it. It’s well thought-out, strategic, customer-centric work that is fundamentally effective. We don’t necessarily want to be different. We are who we are. But, if you’re thinking ‘hey you have a fancy phrase got ya’, you’d be right. However ‘Intelligent Communication’ is not a "here today, gone tomorrow" marketing catch–cry, it’s merely our work ethos and it means, quite simply, ‘Communicate Intelligently’. We love what we do and enjoy the journey. We’d love to take your brand on a journey too. Wouldn’t you like to see your brand on these pages proudly displayed amongst this awesome work?

What we do

Online Marketing Online Marketing
Mobile Apps Mobile Apps
Social Media Social Media
Digital Publishing Digital Publishing
Email Marketing Email Marketing
Txt Marketing Txt Marketing
Press Press
Web Web
Direct Marketing Direct Marketing
Radio Radio
Outdoor Advertising Outdoor Advertising
Print Print
Events Events
Photography Photography
Copywriting Copywriting
Strategy Strategy
Creative Creative
Design Design
Media Media
Market Research Market Research
Branding Branding

How we do it

Stomach tells brain it’s time to eat. Brain directs hand to pick up apple and deliver to waiting mouth. Brain simultaneously informs mouth to utilise teeth and bite apple. Tastebuds keenly deliver message to brain something along the lines of ‘this isn’t bad’. Brain having eagerly awaited the message from tastebuds excitedly instructs hand to repeat previous instruction and then in turn messages stomach asking ‘satisfied yet?’

This is a complex and connected web of messages that ultimately gets stuff done. This is intelligent communication. The world is moving fast. With recent developments in the digital space the face of advertising has changed forever. Selling is shifting online. We use a highly targeted, strategic and integrated approach to unlock the potential of online. This requires focused strategic thinking which maximises impact with the right delivery, through the right channel at the right moment. This is Intelligent Communication.

For more about how Intelligent Communication can help drive your sales click here.

Hot Mustard Group

Over the years we have grown three specialist business units.

Diamond Media

Diamond Media

Diamond Media is our fully accredited media agency and undertakes media strategy, planning and buying across a wide range of advertising media. This includes regional and national campaigns utilising online, ambient, outdoor, press, radio and TV. Diamond works hard to ensure that every dollar of a media budget receives maximum results.

Sales App Centre

Sales App Centre

The Sales App Centre was established to extend our digital offering beyond website development and ordering systems into software and mobile application development. We develop mobile application solutions primarily for business environments. Our apps are designed to provide teams with the information they require at a fingertip, allowing staff to work faster, smarter and more efficiently using mobile devices. We develop data collection apps, ordering systems, ROI calculators, presentation and training tools all with centralised management systems.


Agribusiness Marketing

Hot Mustard Rural is the specialist agribusiness advertising and marketing division of the Hot Mustard Group.  Over the last 16 years we have gained a reputation as New Zealand’s leading communications agency in this category, having represented most of the country’s major Agribusiness brands. There’s a reason why we are so highly regarded so please give us a call to find out.