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Brand Workshops

Your company's personality in one word? Brand.
It's what your customers believe about you.

We're making our brand workshops more accessible for businesses like yours.

Maybe your business grew organically, without much attention paid to your brand. Perhaps you purchased other companies or brands, leaving a clash of brand personalities. There might be external competition forcing you to reflect on your business positioning, or alternatively it may be a simple case of ‘where to next’. Whatever factors might be holding your business back, you recognise that your brand needs burnishing - but where to start? 

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Strategy & Consultation

By meeting with your team, we learn about your business, its structure, target markets and ambitions. Looking into your mission, vision statements and objectives, we draw up tailored plans and recommendations.

Key Messaging & Core Values

Getting to grips with your core values, culture and offering, we use these principles as a foundation for communicating to your customers. From these values, we create 3-4 key messages to use and repeat at every opportunity.

Art Direction

We establish a distinctive look and feel for your brand, using subtle techniques in photography, typography and colourways to communicate the true essence and memorability of your brand, even if the logo is absent.

Identity Design

More than just a logo, your identity design combines a deep understanding of who you are and all that you represent. We collaborate with clients to establish and refine this identity.

Copywriting & Tone of Voice

Building brand relevance and equity depends on connecting with your audience. This rests on a tone of voice that resonates emotionally. We develop a personalised guideline for copywriting to give your brand authenticity and consistency.

Collateral & Asset Design

We create unique visual assets for your brand that can be rolled out across multiple mediums, whether digital or physical, further telling your brand story consistently and memorably.

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