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The Workshop

Part 1: The Workshop

Our brand workshops begin with an up-to-three-hour, in-house workshop with your team. This is where we learn about your business, its structure, target markets and ambitions. We look at your mission, vision statements and objectives. If you don’t have these yet, we develop them alongside you.

We audit your current brand look to determine if a ‘refresh’ is required.

Part 2: The Brand Book

From there, we go on to develop core values, key sales messages and a strategic direction for your brand before presenting this back to you in the form of your very own tailored ‘Brandbook’. Taking your brand on a journey, we delineate every step so you can see the progression from your core values through to how we will express them internally and externally.

Remember - a ‘brand’ is an expression of what your business stands for.  At every available opportunity, your customers ought to know what those values are.

How do I know which type of workshop is right for me?

We have 3 defined packages tailored to suit the current needs of your brand.

Still not sure?

Inward and inaccessible, or warm and approachable? How your brand portrays itself matters.