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Business Consultancy

Like any journey, direction matters.
And to have direction, a plan is essential.

Set out your strategic direction and connect with your target market.

Hear the term 'plan' and the words of your old school teacher are likely ringing in your ears: 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail'. Thing is, they weren't wrong. Formulating a foolproof plan is essential for any organisation, helping to secure the long-term relevance of your business. This is where our expertise in business process optimisation steps in. Whether it's a matter of sharpening your brand, creating key marketing initiatives for your wider team or identifying the highlights in your customer experience process, we set the trajectory of your business strategy, tactically.

Paul Bell

There are three things I love most about what we get to do - the people we meet, the diversity of our projects, and the ever-evolving marketing environment. Meeting people from all walks of life (and business) means no two projects are ever the same. Inspired with the same passion for their products and services, we get to sink our teeth into a variety of campaigns, be it on the airwaves, on paper, online or even in code.

With digital advancements taking place ten to the dozen, no-one survives this marketing world without embracing change. This is our 'not-so-secret' secret – it's our forward-thinking resolve that continues to keep us relevant to clients, long after the technology has adapted. This year, we celebrate 21 years in business. We like to think of this as our official coming of age!

Business Strategy

We believe in taking a collaborative, pragmatic approach to business process optimisation. From one-on-one consultancy to team workshops, we work with you to develop tools for your sales team and customers, aligning sales with marketing.

Brand Workshops

Purchased another company, after a brand refresh or simply keen to enter new markets? Our workshops are designed to facilitate all this. Alongside key members of your team, we work to identify your unique selling points before channeling this into a brand package, letting your business re-position and re-focus.

Digital Consultancy

Working out how digital and social media fits into your marketing mix can be daunting. Using our experience in a wide variety of sectors, we help you develop engaging content that nudges customers towards a sale, all the while stamping your digital marketing footprint.

Marketing Workshops

Let’s get your team and our team together. A bit of external help can go a long way in assisting you to generate new marketing initiatives and key sales messages. You decide how far you would like us to develop the ideas, and we’ll get to work on the concepts, design and production.

Tactical Marketing Plans

Need a tactical plan? Collaborating with you, we create a 4, 6 or 12-month marketing plan, broken down month by month and with a budget, where practical. Including key marketing activities in the form of digital, social and traditional advertising initiatives, this plan becomes an essential base for your team to utilise and build on each year.

Customer Experience Workshops

Establishing a customer’s decision-making journey, this workshop is designed to give insights into the pre-purchase behaviour relating to your product or service. By helping to define customer personas, it’s possible to pinpoint their needs and adapt your touchpoints accordingly.

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