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Content Packages

Video and stills packages shot at the same time can give you up to three years’ worth of brand content; and it’s more affordable than you think.

Content is king

The insurmountable need for video and online content continues to grow. This provides businesses with a dilemma about how to viably produce the content to meet this demand, and occupy an important place on the social media platforms.

Our team, through years of fine tuning, have developed a cost effective approach to collect content – by packaging a video and stills shoot together, where over a 2 - 3 day shoot, we can collect enough material to – in some cases – provide enough brand content for 2 - 3 years. This is achieved with a lean team of highly skilled people, and by condensing the shooting schedule into a few days, we can save time and money.

Example Package

A 2 – 3 day shoot including videography and stills photography could then produce*

1 or 2 hero brand videos

A library of up to 400 images

20 hero shots selected and graded

A suite of 5-10 shorter format videos

*Example only; packages are customised to your requirements and budget.

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