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We’ll do the thinking for you.

The fundamental principle of marketing is for your message to be seen, heard, loved and remembered. Campaigns, video content, trade show exhibits and even your reception area - what differentiates your brand, inspires, engages, entertains, thrills and encourages participation more than anything else? The idea!

At Hot Mustard we recognise that many businesses have their own in-house design assets and while effective, more often than not still require creative input from an agency. With our vast creative experience from marketing, media and production we can provide ‘the bespoke creative idea’ to add the spark to a broad range of applications. Consider this - is your video content not achieving the engagement you desire? Is your website brand messaging confused or the interface not user friendly? Do you need an engaging idea for your upcoming trade show exhibit? Do you need an app to make products more accessible? Or do you require an idea to bring your reception area to life? Talk to us - we have plenty of bright ideas.

Integrated Campaign Creative

Tell someone something a hundred times, and they’re a hundred times more likely to believe it. We paint the bigger picture across all channels - from broadcast, outdoor, print and direct mail to social and digital - creating a core ‘big idea’ to tie it all together.

Social Media Content

Video is universally accepted as the ‘go-to’ tool to achieve engagement on social media. But if everyone is doing it, what sets your content apart from the rest? The idea! We can produce your content, or simply provide the ideas to achieve cut-through.

Trade Show Exhibits

We have vast experience in the design and production of trade show exhibits, particularly across the national agricultural field day network. Talk to us about creative, design and build packages, or simply providing you with the creative idea to light up your stand.

Outdoor and Ambient

As either a part of an overall integrated campaign or a standalone item, we can provide the ‘idea’ to optimise your billboard or signage spend.

Promo and Direct Mail

The power of a promo item, giveaway or direct mail cannot be underestimated. They stay with the customer long after the advertising message has faded, providing the platform for an enduring message. We can provide the ‘idea’ and source it if required.


Your fleet vehicles, reception area or building facade are all opportunities to reflect and repeat your brand promise and encourage potential customers to connect emotionally with your brand. We can provide the ‘big idea’ to ensure you utilise these resources.

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