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Step 1: Brief

Step 1: Brief

The first step is to give you a call and discuss your needs. Depending on the package you have selected, we can also arrange a meeting or video conference. We take a brief and then send this back to you to confirm we have captured everything.

Step 2: Creative Concepts

From the discussion, the brief and some research, we uncover creative and strategic insights to help get your message across. As mentioned earlier we separate creative from design to present the idea in its purest form - although design compliments the idea of course. To do this we undertake a simple process called 'scamping' where we produce a creative concept.

A scamp is a hand drawn visual, usually in black and white. This allows you to see the idea and the messaging without the distraction of design.

The Workshop

Step 3: Presentation

We put the rationale, the creative concepts and any recommendations into a presentation. We then present this to you in a video conference or face-to-face meeting. You receive a hard and soft copy of the presentation that you can share with key stakeholders.

Then what?

Once you have the creative concept signed off by key stakeholders then design, photography (if required) and production can begin. You have a couple of options…

Hot Mustard
produces it.

We have our own in-house design & production team and we are more than happy to produce the work. Whether that’s designing just the elements required or managing the entire campaign including media placement.

We know you are busy so let us help ease the workload! The first step would be to provide you a quote or a budget for approval. Once approved one of our project managers would put together a timeline and work with you on the project.

Our people

Your team
produce it.

If you have an internal design team, then you can use the creative concept to brief them and produce the design internally. Alternatively, if you have a preferred design studio, you can do the same. If you need a hand with this, we can provide a quote to supervise and help with this process.

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