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Farmgard Mulcher vs Slasher

Head-to-head integration.


At Hot Mustard, we're big fans of campaign integration. Not just because we do it well, but because it works. Nine times out of ten, obtaining sales leads is paramount, meaning each part of the puzzle should click into place. From the initial print ads planting a seed of interest through to the integrated online and social media campaign, the viewer becomes a ‘warm target’.

With Farmgard, the capital cost of their machinery meant we didn't expect the reader to make a purchasing decision then and there. What we did want, however, was their contact details, letting Sales Reps convert that interest in the future. By pitting different machinery types responsible for similar jobs against one another, we used an engaging head-to-head narrative as the creative mechanism. Weaving this theme throughout an integrated campaign, the viewer journey culminated in a data-capturing platform on mobile and desktop, enabling Farmgard to harvest valuable leads.

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