Bayer Aviator

Flying high with Aviator

Macro thinking on a micro campaign.

Making complex easy to understand is our speciality at Hot Mustard and this micro campaign for Aviator is a prime example.  Not just a product, Aviator is a programme of fungicides applied to crops at various stages.

It needed a big attention-seeking and iconic idea to make it fly (pun intended), but as always with a complicated technical proposition, also required a platform to educate and inform the market in order to convert.

What transpired is a multi-media big idea, that hooked in the consumer and led them to a website that then filled in the blanks – in other words a micro campaign. 

  • Bayer-Aviator-Press-Mock-Up_Main.png
  • Bayer-Aviator-Press-Mock-Up-Strip-Ad-1.png
  • Bayer-Aviator-Press-Mock-Up-Strip-Ad-2.png
  • Bayer-Aviator-1.png
  • Bayer-Aviator-2.png
  • Bayer-Aviator-3.png
  • Bayer-Aviator-4.png