NZ Wines / Grove Mill

Brand re-launch

Grove Mill is an older campaign however we included it into our portfolio because it demonstrates a great understanding of the brand and portrayal of the brand's key messages.

At that time the standard for wine brand advertising was a product shot (wine bottle) placed in a landscapy vineyard shot. Grove Mill is more than that. It stands for sustainability and environmental responsibility with recently restored wetlands and reintroduction of an endangered frog. Add to this, we felt a lot of wine brands neglected an important aspect of wine use – the social experience. To cover these important messages we designed a brand triangle of three key messages – the sustainability (represented by our talent frog), the social experience and the wine brand itself. Then we commissioned Fraser Clements, one of New Zealand’s leading photographers, to capture the essence of the brand triangle. If you have nothing to do feel free to doodle a triangle on the lovely pictures.

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